Thursday, January 7, 2010

Befriending your Inner Child

When was the last time you played?

I'm not talking about going downtown to a bar with your girlfriends and stressing about guys the whole night. I'm talking about carefree, unadulterated, joyous playing. When you are concentrating on the true fun you're having and nothing else. For some of us, the last time we had a memory of a time like this is around when we first became a teenager. When I was ten, my friends and I would all run around playing hide and seek for hours in the woods surrounding my house, even after it got dark. In the pool, we would all giggle as we made up creative and funny new ways to jump in the pool. It was so great!

Around the teen years though, most people got stressed from more difficult schoolwork, became infatuated with their first loves, and get involved in more mature past times which makes it easy to forget about the pure happiness of our past. One day, years later, some of us may wake up and realize with regret that we haven't been enjoying life as much as we should be. I am calling on everyone to change that. Befriend your inner child, and give it the attention it wants!

I dare you to...

- Get a big sheet of white paper and finger paint!
- Go outside and blow bubbles!
- Make a gingerbread house!
- Take a friend to a playground and swing!
- Enjoy some chocolate milk (I do this everyday!)
- Fly a kite!
- Make a sandcastle!
- Color in a coloring book! (I find this very nice and soothing)
- Run around in the summer rain!
- Visit my new blog about living the good life! (x)
- Take silly pictures with a friend!
- Watch your favorite childhood movies!
- Make cupcakes!
- Take an energizing dance class!
- Create a "secret" space for reading and imagining! (x)
- Go rollerskating!

Double dog dare: Paint or draw on one of your walls to make your own personal mural!

The point is, just let it all hang out and have an awesome time! One of the greatest traits in most children, aside from their carefree happiness, is how curious they are about everything in the world. There are so many amazing things to discover, so while you're at it, embrace this quality of your inner kid too! If you have any other fun ideas or opinions, let me know!

Learn, explore, and play,
Caylee xoxo

Pictures found on We Heart It.