Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

Hello! I'm back, and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, just as I did. Tonight is New Year's Eve, and it's even more of a special event than just that for several reasons. Not only is it a full moon, but it is a "blue moon," and there will be a lunar eclipse as well... all on the eve of a brand new decade! To me, this signifies a rare and special event, one that I will not take for granted.

A full moon is supposed to be a time for taking action and giving thanks, while a blue moon is good for setting new goals for yourself, no matter how lofty they are. Most of us make New Years resolutions anyway, so what better time to make wishes for the upcoming year than tonight under the strong energy and silver light of the moon? I plan on driving to my hometown's beach and sitting in the sand with a friend, basking in the beautiful light of the evening and contemplating the past year and future. Here are some of the wishes I have in mind to begin 2010 with:

- To be given a sign for what I should pursue in my future, whether it is art, filmmaking, journalism, or something entirely different.
- To be put on the proper path towards whatever career is best for me and would make me happy.
- To befriend new, kind and sincere people.
- To be surrounded with positivity and joy in my love life and life in general.
- To excel in school and enjoy the process of learning without being stressed out.
- To be given time to live and eat more healthily.
- For good luck and wonderful opportunities to surround my friends, family, and I.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions or wishes? Any special plans? Please share them with me... I am so curious! I can't wait to see what this new decade will bring, but it's crazy how fast the past one has gone by. Anyways, I hope you all have a meaningful New Year's Eve and a love-filled and prosperous year to come! I will be back up at school soon (which makes me sad because I love being home in Florida at the beach) and writing regular blog posts again (which makes me smile).

                    Until then, au revoir!

Oh, aren't the moon pictures amazing? Created by a Russian designer. Find more pictures at Your Personal Moon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! It's been so long... or at least it feels like it has been! I haven't written in a while because I've been dealing with finals and driving back to my hometown in Florida for Christmas break, not to mention my mom's house doesn't have internet now! So I'm currently sitting on the floor of Barnes and Noble trying to type out a quick update and hello to you all, because I've really missed writing on my blog!

This sounds really lame, but B&N is closing in 5 minutes, so I don't even have time to write out a proper post. I am so writing deprived right now! Anyways, what I really wish to say is that I hope you all have the Merriest Christmas (because I won't have the internet to tell you on the actual day) and a great New Years too! Let me know if you all have anything special planned, I'd love to know. I can't wait to get back to writing in my blog soon, and I hope you all are doing well!

Photo credit: i.Anton

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gypsy Living is the Life for Me

I am so incredibly happy right now! Wanna know why? No? Well I have to tell you anyways. I have spent the past couple of days tediously writing papers for my literature essay portfolio that was due earlier this evening. At this point, my brain is fried, but I am so relieved to be done with it all! Though tomorrow I'll begin studying for the rest of my college finals, right now I'm going to focus on my relaxing evening!

So I've been on a roll with my senses inspired posts, and I love writing them, but something came into my life the other day that I must write about... THIS INSTANT! I've always been inspired by caravan living, although I had forgotten all about it until I stumbled across some of the most amazing little campers. Maybe you think I'm crazy for wanting to live out of a tiny movable box, but something about it speaks to me. It symbolizes freedom.

I imagine myself pulling up to a beautiful seaside location, all of my most treasured belongings being carried right behind me. A friend comes along, and we strum our guitars while watching the sun disappear into the sea. It's just me, my charming caravan, and whatever friend is adventurous enough to come with me on my journey, enjoying life for its simple pleasures. We experience different towns, foreign roads, and new people on our trip towards nowhere in particular. At night, I fall asleep to the waves softly breaking on the rocks below, and if I look out of the window above my bed, I can see a million twinkling stars. In the morning when sunlight washes over my little home, I go outside to breath in the fresh, pristine air, and I think about how great it feels to be alive.

That is my gypsy living fantasy! I really hope to own a caravan someday, even if it's only used for short vacations or as a secret area for crafting and reading. Wouldn't that be so nice? People have started to remodel old Airstreams, as well as other brands, and they are amazing! I am even more completely in love. Here are some other cute photos that I have found:



I would love to know what you think of this post! Would you like to live in one of these movable homes too? Who wants to come with me? :]

xoxo, Caylee

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