Saturday, November 7, 2009

All is Complete

Have you been having Domino Magazine withdrawals? Well, I have. I began reading Domino when I was sixteen years old, and it completely stole my heart away. It was different from other design publications; the interiors were often more colorful, modern, or youthful and the things featured were much more affordable than in competitor's magazines. I swear, I would stay up into the wee hours of the morning flipping through Domino's pages. It truly made me want to be an interior designer.

So you can guess that when they shut down, I was incredibly sad. I lost my inspiration for interiors, and it has not been back since. Then, on Happiness Is..., I saw a link for what was described as "a place to get our Domino fix." Let me tell you, I checked it out, and Lonny Magazine is where it's at! It is seriously the closest thing possible to being Domino. Lonny just came out with its first issue, but it looks so fresh and pretty and full of potential on my computer screen that I think I may have found my new obsession. Enjoy it... I know I will!

Get excitied and tell me if you like it!

xoxo, Caylee


  1. Hey Caylee! Yay - thanks for the link! Isn't Lonny amazing? I love how you can turn the page like a physical magazine and click on the items to find out where to buy it!

  2. I really like the second pic - the room looks so colorful, bright, yet very calm and relaxing. It's not the type of room I can imagine having in my house, but I still like it!

  3. Love Lonny! It is so nice that you can store it right on your computer too!

  4. I know, it's so convenient! There is still something that I miss about feeling the actual pages in my hands though!